The Forests of Mozyr

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  Mozyr Region Forest parks are well cared for in Belarus and are popular with people. This colourful sign indicates the boundary of Mozyr Region and its forest parklands.

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Mozyr Region 210KB

  Sandy paths tempt visitors into the forests.

Forest Paths 260KB
Forest Paths

  Picnic Shelter Car parks in the forests make welcome resting places, and brightly painted wooden shelters with seats are ideal for family picnics.

Picnic Shelter 254KB

  Beautiful forests invite long walks, but these forests are so vast that it is easy to get lost. All sorts of wildlife can be found - deer and wild boar are fairly common. In the remoter regions there are moose, wolves, bears and eagles. The great bustard, a large turkey-like bird, can also be found here.

Forest Walk 318KB
Forest Walk

  Mushroom Collecting mushrooms is a favourite autumn pastime in Belarus, but it takes many years' experience to tell the edible mushrooms from the poisonous ones. The mushroom in the photo is considered to be a particular delicacy. Another hazard is that in some areas the mushrooms and forest fruit are contaminated by the fallout from Chernobyl which has soaked into the soil. Locals know where these areas are and avoid them.

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  Walking in these autumn-gold forests is a journey into a beautiful Lothlorian fantasy. Despite the enchanting beauty it is impossible to forget that the remains of a nuclear reactor core is scattered over the general area. However, there does not appear to be any visible damage that can be discerned.

Autumn Gold Forest 290KB
Autumn Gold Forest

  Farm Land The forests are interspersed with huge collective crop fields. Some field have been abandoned due to contamination - the rest have been checked and are regularly monitored. These are deemed acceptable to produce food for human consumption. This is a field of kale for cattle winter feed.

Farm Land 210KB

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