The Prypiat River

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  Mozyr Bridge There is one road bridge at Mozyr that connects the town to the world on the other side of the Prypiat River. A rail bridge is further upstream.

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Mozyr Bridge 198KB

  Customers wait whilst the stall owner grills sausages.

Riverside Grill 188KB
Riverside Grill

  Traditional Choir A small audience listens to a choir singing traditional songs.

Traditional Choir 229KB

  The River Prypiat is a large tributary of the River Dnieper, one of the major rivers of Eastern Europe. During the summer months the people of Mozyr enjoy sunbathing on the sandy beaches and swimming in the river.

River Prypiat 189KB
River Prypiat

  River Boats River cruises are popular during the summer months. The small boats are available for hire.

River Boats 163KB

  Riverside stalls make for a festive atmosphere.

Riverside Stalls 169KB
Riverside Stalls

  Ice Fishing Ice fishing is a popular, if somewhat risky, winter passtime.

Ice Fishing 132KB

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