The Bus Stops of Belarus

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  Butterfly Bus Stop This bus stop has a large, colourful butterfly painted on it. The bus stop is on the main road but the village it serves is some distance away.

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Butterfly Bus Stop 215KB

  A burst of wild flowers gives this bus stop its character, and contrasts with the industrial backdrop.

Wild Flowers Stop 265KB
Wild Flowers Stop

  Road Sign The road sign reads:

Automobile Road R37
Belonging to 'Gomel Outdoor'
Department Belaftodor
Central Dispatch Department

Road Sign 252 KB

  Busses are the primary form of transport in Belarus.

Hanging Flower Baskets 151KB
Hanging Flower Baskets

  Another Butterfly Another butterfly decorates this bus stop. Tram line power cables are in the background.

Another Butterfly 208KB

  This bus stop is decorated with a tiled mosaic pattern.

Mosaic Tiled Stop 174KB
Mosaic Tiled Stop

  River Scene An idyllic river scene decorates the inside of this bus stop. A lush forest makes an attractive backdrop.

River Scene 210KB

  Swans swim on a lake. The colours in the rainbow have faded somewhat. The ambition of the artist can sometimes surpass his artistic abilities.

Swan Lake 251KB
Swan Lake

  More Hanging Plants Hanging plants make an attractive alternative view.

More Hanging Plants 229KB

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