Mozyr Town

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  Heroic Maidens Fountain Townspeople enjoy the summer afternoon by the Heroic Maidens fountain in the town centre.

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Heroic Maidens 215KB

  The focal point of Lenin Square is the black bronze statue of Lenin which looks sternly down on the people of Mozyr.

Lenin Square 109KB
Bronze Statue of Lenin

  Truck Selling Onions Rumor spreads that a truck with onions has come into town and a queue quickly forms. Belarus once produced all of its own food and was a net exporter. Since the accident at the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl the country imports much of its food.

Selling Onions 155 KB

  This reconstruction of a medieval fortress overlooks the main town square.

Medieval Fortress 184KB
Reconstructed Fort

  Town Decorations The town square has been decorated in preparation for the celebrations for the 650th aniversary of the town's founding.

Town Center 126KB

  Townfolk enjoy the riverside park.

Fountain in Park 201KB
Fountain in Riverside Park

  Town Apartments Soviet-era apartment blocks provide housing for most of the people of Mozyr. New blocks are being built, but the basic design remains the same.

Town Apartments 190KB

  Traditional wooden houses nestle between high-rise apartment blocks. The first snows of winter bring out the contrast.

Winter Scene 271KB
Town in Winter

  Town Market Wet, slushy weather does not deter these bargain hunters at the town market.

Town Market 228KB

  Even on a Sunday afternoon in January the main shopping street is busy.

Winter Scene 226KB
Town in Winter

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