Village Scenes

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  Village House These colourful little homes are the summer houses of people who would generally live in apartments in the town. Some are humble shacks - sometimes little more than tool sheds, whereas others have been developed and improved to the point that they are permanent residences. Rural villages are generally more humble, drab and monochromatic.

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  The fruit and vegetables grown in these gardens will be sold in the local markets. The supplementary incomes helps to make ends meet.

Market Gardens 214KB
Market Gardens

  Pumpkins Pumpkins ripen in the garden of this summer house.

Pumpkins 202KB

  These idyllic rural settings bely the harsh economic conditions that many Belarus people live in.

Rural 146KB

  Window Decorations Colourful traditional designs decorate the windows and doors of these houses.

Traditional Designs 259KB

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